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It's not that POC cannot reach white ppl's standards, it's just that whenever a POC manage to reach the top of the white ppl's standard, even as far as going beyond such standard, white ppl would do anything to drag us down with the use of negative stereotype that attached to our wings and pull it off when we go too far, and when we fall, that's the time they'll put extra load in our backs in order for us to struggle more in our lives. THAT is how desperate these white ppl are.

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Thank you

With most blogs just going around and hating, I’m happy that there is a blog that recognize that most of the views are US-centric, tries to get people to solve their problems without violence/swearing/threats etc. and gives people a space to discuss their issues. Most other blogs would swear black and blue at anyone who claims to have an inch of whiteness. Thank you

Aww, thanks friend :)

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Ten Counterproductive Behaviors of Social Justice Educators

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it’s so weird that people are shaming Beyonce for being sexual during her performance when literally in the speech in flawless says “We teach girls that they cannot be sexual beings in the way that boys are." Like how do you miss the point that bad

Because Beyonce’s black.  Black women being sexual is always viewed as deviant. 

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  • what white feminists say: what the fuck is with dividing feminists into “white feminists” and whatever other fucking categories there are? That is the most ass-backwards and counter-productive shit I’ve seen in a long time. Haven’t we all realized that we need to work together and understand each other instead of constantly alienating one another? I get that some feminists don’t entirely recognize their privilege but saying shit like that is not going to make them want to understand and do better.
  • what white feminists mean: instead of wasting your time trying to make a safe inclusive space dedicated to your struggles (which we made necessary by excluding you in the first place), you should devote your energies to a movement created for my benefit. it doesn't matter if my movement excludes you and focuses only on my needs and tokenizes you and people like you, or if you experience racism from the people in my movement. once i get what i want from my movement, then you can talk about your needs and you can teach us how not to be racist (but we won't really care or listen because we got what we wanted)

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The Mani people are the original homo sapiens that travelled from Africa and settled in Thailand. They are the original negaritos who moved with other Africans like Andamanese of India, Aetas of Philippines,Semangs of Malaysia  to their present  residence in Thailand. They were there before the other ethnic groups came to form the Thai kingdom. Anthropological studies has revealed that the Thai Mani and Malaysian Semang were the first modern humans to enter the Malay peninsula. They remarked that "the original people of the Malay Peninsular that about 4,500 years ago the Proto-Malays moved south from the Yunnan province area of China into Southeast Asia where they met the Negritos who, for a long time, may have been the only modern humans to live in this area" 

The name Mani is of Mon-Khmer origin and means “human being,” and they speak Tonga language. The Mani or “forest people” as other Thai people call them lives in  the jungles of southern Thailand, in the Banthad Mountain Chain and around the Malaysian border in the provinces of Trang, Phatthalung and Satun.  They are facing extinction and currently their total population is about 300. The Banthad Mountain chain became a base area for communist insurgents during the 1970s and thus a battle ground between communist guerillas and Thai government forces. Especially during the years of 1975-1977, the insurgents were battered in ground and air attacks. The Mani suffered terribly during this war with government forces frequently mistaking the smoke of Mani camp fires for insurgent activity. Those living in Trang and Phatthalung provinces had to move to the sanctuary of Thoungwan district in Satun province.




The Philippines

 The Aetas  are the aborigines of the Philippines who were called negritos by the Spaniards at the time of their reign in the Philippines because of their darker skin color. It is the tribe inhabiting the eastern parts of Luzon and called in different names: Agta, Ita, Ati, or Aeta. About 20,000 of them are spread throughout the country. Their majority can be seen in Pampanga and Zambales while others inhabit the coastal fringes of Northern Luzon, and the mountains of Negros, Samar, Panay and Leyte. As a result of their nomadic life, they live in houses built out of grass and tree branches to easily vacate upon scarcity of surrounding food.

Aeta according to anthropologists and archeologists, are descendants of the earliest settlers of the Philippines. They were predicted to migrate in the country through land bridges that connects the country to Asian mainland 30,000 years ago. It may have occurred when the Malay Peninsula was still connected with Sumatra and other Sunda Islands. Their boundless journey around the Malay Peninsula that spread as far as The Philippines resulted to their widespread existence in the country





 The Semang are a Negrito ethnic group of the Malay Peninsula. Lowland Semang tribes are also known as Sakai, although this term is considered to be derogatory by the Semang people. They are the indigenous peoples of this area.They have been recorded to have lived in Malaysia since before the 200s Common Era (CE). They are ethnologically described as nomadic hunter-gatherers.

The Semang live in autonomous local bands consisting of an elder male (usually the leader of the group), his wife, their sons, and the sons’ wives and children. Their religious beliefs are complex and include numerous deities. Shaman-priests practice magic, foresee the future, and cure illness.


Semang (Jahai) ethnic group woman of Malaysia




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Critics generally don’t associate Black people with ideas. They see marginal people; they see just another story about Black folks. They regard the whole thing as sociologically interesting perhaps, but very parochial. There’s a notion out in the land that there are human beings one writes about, and then there are Black people or Indians or some other marginal group. If you write about the world from that point of view, somehow it is considered lesser. We are people, not aliens. We live, we love, and we die.
Toni Morrison (via blackcontemporaryart)

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YES to all of this! The always inspiring Laverne Cox on the VMA red carpet talking about how she’s breaking stereotypes. 

See her full red carpet interview here

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Everybody who knows me



Knows I have a shit ton of wrong ass opinions that I can’t justify. But that don’t mean I have to change them. If someone is offended by me because I’m white and I say a thing a way that seems like I’m trading on racial tropes and stereotypes, then they don’t fucking know me. I’ve internalized every Janet Jackson dance move, Paris is Burning ball move, and hip-hop cliche of the last 30 years and you can’t fucking take that from me. So I’m not black. I’m still your brother.

You’re not my brother, on the black side or the queer side.. You’re just another appropriating ass racist ass white ass wannabe.. Ya’ll are literally a dime a dozen.. It don’t make us kin, henny..

This literally reads as “i’ve spent so many years practicing my appropriation that you gotta respect me!” 

Sometimes I be wondering if white people are serious.

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Aave is not a language

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correct. It is however, a dialect of English